People United for Puppets as Artistic, Regenerative and Transnational experience (PUPARTE)

 NordPlus Adult 2021

In situation of the global pandemic both civil society organisations and their clients have been exposed to harmful and depressing realities. PUPARTE project joins in close collaboration adult education organizations in Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The project aims at developing and testing an online method of non formal adult education based on an innovative puppetry methodology in training and therapy. This method focuses on making puppets out of environment friendly materials and objects and animating them in order to tell personal stories and enable communication and building up resilience. The method as group work in presence has been tested in 20 European countries with engagement of over 100 education, art and therapy institutions. The main advantages of this flexible method are: it is accessible to diverse groups of people, creating deep emotional engagement, involvement of body not only brain; immediate results of manual work; low cost.

PUPARTE partners will be developing the online version of the method, piloting it, providing engaged NGO activists in each of the country with new skill sets and building their capacities to serve their clients and promoting the new method in Nordic, Baltic, EU and wider networks. The primary beneficiaries will be civil society and humanitarian organisations, dealing with non-formal adult education and their networks in 4 countries. The final beneficiaries of the methodology will be socially vulnerable adults. Project results aim at gradually impacting adult education of Anna Lindh foundation partners and their colleagues in more than 42 countries (EEA and EU, accession countries, neighborhood countries). 

Project aim PUPARTE aims to develop a non-formal online education method to be used in NGOs and with their clients to empower overworked and depressed overcoming harmful COVID-19 pandemic effects.

PUPARTE aims to train NGO activists in new skill sets, built the capacities of civil society organizations across the Nordic-Baltic region for an innovative adapted to online application adult learning method through the use of art and creativity.

PUPARTE also aims at creating a larger network of experts in adult education in the region and outside it that can benefit from the application of the new online education method. In the future PUPARTE aims to contribute towards the wider application of innovative adult education methods that are able to address educational, communication, social inclusion, and other challenges that are faced by the target groups within the partners’ networks - young people, women in need of assistance, refugees among others and motivate them to uptake the method developed and provide them with digital resources and support.

People United for Puppets as Artistic, Regenerative and Transnational experience (PUPARTE) NPAD-2021/10078 PUPPETS IN ACTION – ONLINE TRAINING for TRAINERS - course of three webinars: 30 October, 13 and 27 November 2021

Take part in a three-day practical puppetry training o find out how to combine a true learning with fun, creativity and self-development experience. Puppet theatre is practiced as a tool in education and/or therapy and helps to develop personal stories and express emotions, needs and thoughts, to tackle sensitive issues. It motivates for change. It involves manual labor by creating a puppet and brings immediate results – a reward for involvement and undertaking the efforts.

During three sessions (3 x 4 hours with an hour break between two sessions) the participants will learn how to:

  • build a simple puppet from ordinary materials and animate it, as well as to teach the others how to do that;
  • use different objects to enhance creativity, self-expression and courage to take up new challenges;
  • apply the rules of non-verbal/visual storytelling for creation of a theatrical piece and also for working with vulnerable groups of people  on their personal problems; 
  • design and run own workshop program with the use of puppetry art and theater storytelling.

For those who are not familiar with puppetry art it is usually something of a revelation that puppets can be as good in acting, as people (or even better!). They are unexpectedly easy to make, and they let us discover our own imagination and sensitivity. Simple objects and materials can be brought to life on stage, can represent any real or imaginary person/creature and any feeling, emotion or phenomenon. Becoming alive and specific, they are at the same time metaphorical. This is why puppets are so useful in raising and discussing important issues (personal and social) on stage. They are also very good for involving in communication those who are shy or self-contained. One can always hide behind a puppet yet being able to express true feelings and emotions.  

Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe (2020 - 2022)


Democratic engagement and civic participation

Project aims to raise awareness about the importance of involving migrants and minorities fully in the civic society as well as sensitising them to understand and appreciate the normality of different worldviews, customs and ways of life among human beings. In addition the project aims to support migrant & minority communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European. Project activities includes: six public debates in partner countries on questions challenging minorities/migrants and our society; a media campaign on combating the stigmatisation and importance of inclusion/integration target groups; and a central event of the project is an active citizenship week with a very diverse agenda. We aim to simultaneously highlight minority and migrants’ involvement on a local level and in the larger European Community and celebrate it. Active citizenship week includes: concerts, intercultural fair, creative workshops and an international conference. Around that event we aim to build an informal network of organisations, governmental institutions and active citizens working on ground with migrants and minority.

Target groups: minorities, migrants, refugees, youth and citizens of EU.

Estonia, Sillamäe Society for Child Welfare (lead partner)
Finland, Fimitrant RY
Sweden, Burgårdens gymnasium
Latvia, Generation Dialogue
Lithuania, Youth centre Babilonas
Germany, Brakula
Netherlands, Theaterschip
Spain, AHEAD Association of Human Rights Educators
Portugal, CulturFACE - Associação Cultural Para o Desenvolvimento
Slovakia, Human Rights Institute
Greece, House of Europe in Rhodes


2017-2019 m. Erasmus+ programos suaugusiųjų švietimo strateginių partnerysčių projektas socialiai pažeistoms visuomenės grupėms.

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2011 m. ES programos „Veiklus jaunimas“ remiamas jaunimo mainų projektas.

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2009-2010 m. UNESCO finansuotas projektas mokytojų neformaliojo ugdymo bei tarpkultūrinių gebėjimų stiprinimui.

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2007-2009 m. ES Mokymosi visą gyvenimą Grundtvig programos projektas suaugusiųjų mokytojams,  dirbantiems su socialiai jautriomis grupėmis.

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