Lecturer Rolanda Šliažienė 

Course tutor and lecturer, practicing non-formal education methodologist (since 1993), youth worker, organizer of intercultural exchanges and seminars, project developer and coordinator with more than 20 years of experience in working with young people, parents and teachers, founder and longtime leader of youth center "Babilonas" (more than 14 thousand Lithuanian students and over 600 teachers took part in the programs of this center). Over 40 intercultural youth exchanges have been organized in various European countries, with more than 100 trainings for young people and youth workers, and over 90 seminars for teachers from all over Lithuania. Also working with businesses, a long-term member of the UNESCO Commission and Anna Lindh Foundation in Lithuania. Counsels and conducts trainings on communication, creative thinking and personal effectiveness. The basis of the trainings is working with the participants' point of view, attitudes and internal determination as well ascooperative problem solving.

Our experience

Working with young people:

  • Creative youth non-formal education programs for school classes "Another Week". Since 1993, more than 14,000 pupils have participated in "Another Week", not only from Vilnius, but also from smaller Lithuanian cities and rural schools.
  • Partnership in the "Looking inside" European program (2001-2004) - exchange of artists from Central and Eastern Europe working with young people ("Babylon" with young people worked from artists from Serbia, Kazakhstan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia).
  • Youth Initiative Projects (4 local and 2 international).
  • Intercultural Youth Exchanges (since 1993 through 80 youth exchange programs in different countries) - cooperation with European youth organizations.
  • Long-term "Forum Theater" Youth Project "Babylon" (2007).
  • European voluntary service projects (Babylon - sending youth organization since 2000).
  • Partnership in the European Youth Volunteering and Youth Exchange Program "Creative Cooperation" (1996-2008).
  • The "European Road" project funded by the European Parliament for Birštonas Gymnasium students (11 youth groups from Birštonas 2006-2007).
  • Partnership in the international project Kulturell Allemansrätt (Creativity Access for All) - Search for new forms and methods in cooperation with NGOs with the government sector (2010-2011).
  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence for Youth Groups.

Working with adult groups:

  • Creative Workshops for Teachers "Free Learning Experience" (12 workshops in 2005-2009: 160 teachers attended).
  • Seminars for non-formal youth (non-formal), intercultural communication and creative self-expression opportunities for cultural workers.
  • Organization of the "Creative participation trough EVS" international seminar for youth workers in Vilnius (February 2007).
  • Implementation of the International project "Art - an area for learning by listening to the needs of sensitive social groups" in the framework of the Grundtvig (adult learning lifelong learning) program in Vilnius (2007-2009).
  • Organization of the international conference "Art - a space for learning" (Grundtvig program) in Vilnius (December 2008): the possibilities of various people's participation in adult education, search of alternative learning methods and specifics, ways of integrating vulnerable groups of people into society and ways of their creation.
  • From 2013, over 80 workshops for teachers across the UK (topics: communication and collaboration, non-formal learning methods, knowledge of differentness, specificity of generation Z, teacher's internal preparedness, etc.).